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Koryu is committed to serving only the freshest and finest seasonal ingredients available and providing service of the highest quality.

Please make your request for a reservation from the form below and then secure your reservation by completing payment for your courses.

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※Lunch served from Tuesday to Saturday.
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Omakase Course

¥20,000 Course (¥24,200)


Seasonal Omakase Course

¥22,000 to ¥30,000 Seasonal Course (¥26,620 to ¥36,300)

For the Seasonal Omakase Course, the focus is on a single seasonal ingredient (the ingredient will vary by season). Every single dish in the course will contain this seasonal ingredient in order to showcase it.


  • Spring(Available around early April )
    Kotsumi Grown Morning-Picked Bamboo Shoot
  • Summer(Available late June to mid Aug.)
    Natural Sweetfish Ayu from Shimane Prefecture.
  • Autumn(Available early Sep to mid Oct.)
    Japanese Hamo (pike conger eel) from Awaji Island and Korea.
  • Winter(Available early Feb to late March)
    Fresh Fugu (pufferfish) from Awaji Island and Yamagushi Prefecture.

※ Please note that the ingredients used for special seasonal are subject to sudden change.

※ For those that would like more details, please inquire when requesting the reservation.

※ The price of this Special Omakase course varies depending on the month. We will contact you with the current price if this course is selected.

※ This price in parentheses includes tax and the restaurant's service charge.

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Any food allergies or food that you cannot eat:

※If anyone in your group has any allergies or special dietary requests, please list in as much detail what foods cannot be eaten and also the number of people that it applies to (if it is not listed then the dietary request will be applied to every member of the group).
※Please note that the restaurant will be unable to accommodate any sudden dietary requests made at the restaurant on the day of your reservation, therefore please make sure to list it here.
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    ※ All cancellations made at least 3 days before their reservation date is eligible for a full refund.
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