Sushiya Ginza Honten
すし家 銀座本店

Tokyo Sushi

A hidden sushi restaurant in Ginza sure to please

Sushi Ya made a fresh start after relocating to the Hanatsubaki Building in July of 2019.
The restaurant opened as a branch of Sushi Kanesaka. The current owner, Mr. Mamoru Hashimoto, had 6 years experience working at Sushi Kanesaka before becoming the third-generation restaurant owner of Sushi Ya since 2018. “We welcome those to dine at our restaurant and we consistently and earnestly make hand-rolled sushi for everyone”, says Mr. Mamoru Hashimoto.
The restaurant has an L-shaped counter seating, the perfect intimate setting for the artistry performed. One of the main attractions of Sushi Ya are the strategically placed seats where you can have a glimpse of the chef’s conscientious and delicate work and its calm, urban and sophisticated atmosphere.
The guests are welcomed with the highest quality seafood purchased directly from Tsukiji Fish Market (Currently Toyosu Fish Market) for every season. Whether indulging with the selection of available sake that goes well with large portions of Sushi, or having the dinner omakase course with side dishes, you are certain to have an enjoyable and relaxing meal in Sushi Ya’s calmly lit ambiance. Mr. Hashimoto is also fond of learning languages, so you may have him introduce your food in your language the next time you visit the restaurant.
Expect an exceptional sushi experience through fine skills and pleasant courtesy from the prominent restaurant owner himself.

Address Tokyo City, Chuo ward, Ginza 6-4-16 Hanatsubaki Building 2F
Business hours 12:00~14:00 / 18:00~22:00
Closed Closed on Mondays, 3rd and 4th Tuesdays of the month
Directions 5 min walk from Ginza C2 Exit of Tokyo Metro Ginza Line
5 min walk from Ginza Exit C2 of Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line
Telephone +81-3-3571-7900
Price Lunch
5,000円(5,500円) 10 Nigiri Sushi
10,000円(11,000円) 15 Nigiri Sushi
15,000円(16,500円)5〜6 Appetizers and 10 Nigiri Sushi

23,000円(25,300円) 10 Appetizers and 10 Nigiri Sushi

※()Price included in the parentheses include a 10% consumption tax.
※A seating charge is required 1100 yen per group.
Service Charge 10% service charge required
Seating 8 Counter seats (Maximum of 9 seats available)
Smoking No smoking inside the restaurant
Children Children over the age of 12 that can eat the course meal.
Wi-Fi None
Parking None (please use nearby coin-operated parking).
Dresscode No particular dress code enforced. However we ask that no casual wear be worn (shorts, t-shirts, sandals, etc. ).
Payment method Please fill out the reservation form on this site.
※Payment for reserved courses with a credit card is requird.
※Any additional orders that you make for food or drink at the restaurant are to be paid for at the restaurant after your meal.

Tokyo City, Chuo ward, Ginza 6-4-16 Hanatsubaki Building 2F


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